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Research Methodology

Unique Methodology

OBJECTIVITY et al ’s unique methodology and holistic approach has the additional benefits of cost, turnaround time, simplicity and accuracy. OBJECTIVITY et al‘s experienced management, who have a great understanding of the process are involved and available to you during the perception survey process.

Notwithstanding, OBJECTIVITY et al‘s perception methodology is very important in the quantification of needs, desired standards and perceptions.

If you don’t do it the right way, you will not get the right answer. You will get an answer, but not the right one!

OBJECTIVITY et al ‘s customer perception methodology involves open-ended questions, quantifying the qualitative through an unprompted process measuring the unsatisfied priorities in order of importance to the respondent. This strategically ensures no perception is missed and is listed in order of what is important to a Key Communication Group (KCG).

We do not prejudge what is important.