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Objective Methodology

Taking an objective approach to an issue means having due regard for the known valid evidence (relevant facts, logical implications and viewpoints and human purposes) pertaining to that issue. If relevant valid evidence is denied, an objectiveapproach is impossible.

You cannot manage perceptions or customer feedback unless you can measure it. OBJECTIVITY et al is able to change the feeling or perception into five measurable factors. We will identify and quantify the five key factors of management for you as required.

OBJECTIVITY et al‘s five key management factors when collating customer perceptions are:

  1. Needs/wants and/or decision criteria of the “customer” (KCG) (internal or external).
  2. Desired standards of performance, or points of satisfaction of the “customer”.
  3. Their levels of awareness of brands, people, products, policies, etc.
  4. Their perceptions of your performance in comparison with their points of satisfaction competitors Industry Norms
  5. Their perception deficiencies

To Quantify is to express or measure the quantity of responses. OBJECTIVITY et al’s holistic customer perception methodology records all responses as they are objectively expressed.

Quantifiable is the ability to express or measure as a quantity. The wider the customer perception survey sample the more customer data can be collected. This assists us to have a healthier survey sample.